My current favourite album is Shoebox by Epik High. If you’ve never heard of them and you like hip hop, you should def check them out. Their leader is Tablo who is a genius in the South Korean hiphop/rap scene. I just recently learned about his most recent struggle with some pretty crazy accusations regarding his university degree. The scandal literally ruined his reputation for a while, but obviously now he has recovered (sort of). I say sort of because I had read that he blames the scandal for his father’s sudden death. Apparently his father was healthy despite having had cancer before. When I heard this, I really felt his pain because my dad went through a tough time with cancer, and having beaten it, it only seems now that he should be invincible. So to have your father taken away due to sudden shock from an online scandal that spread to daily harassment phone calls to everyone in your family… Whew… that’s a hard blow. It’s depressing to see what some people choose to do with their time in this world. Anyways, I respect Tablo so much for pushing through yet again. His entire life seems to have been a struggle despite his tremendous accomplishments. A truly relatable artist that produces music from his heart.

I’m SO frustrated that I won’t be getting the CD soon but it’ll be worth the wait (I hope).


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