Summer Dresses

Dresses in general are more complicated than people think. I’ve seen so many girls in gorgeous dresses, but the dresses don’t always look good or look the best on them. Or vice versa, the girl didn’t pick out the dress that shows off the best in her body. Instead, what many girls do, is that they pick out a dress that is pretty but the shape of it doesn’t always flatter their bodies. A lot of girls try to go for a look they’re not confident enough to pull off and it ends up looking mediocre, at the most. Those are the outfits that just bother me the most.

For myself, my favourite dress has always been a flared shape, starting from the top of my hips to my mid thigh section.

The first picture features a very affordable black and gold strapless dress from H&M. It flatters my body very well and is so comfortable to wear. The only adjustment I have made to it is to shorten the length of the skirt to give me easier ability to walk in heels and to show off more of my legs since they appear skinnier and longer when it is exposed from mid-thigh level to the ankle versus just the lower leg part. As for the easier to walk in heels, it’s because the opening of the skirt is fairly small, which gives it a complete tulip shape.

The second and third pictures feature the T by Alexander Wang dress and skirt (in that order). The dress is super comfortable because of the stretchable material. The skirt shape, adds a flattering shape to those more bottom heavy, giving it the allusion of a more proportional body.

As for summer dresses, I have the same rules: they must flatter your body rather than be in style. I think most girls have it down for summer dresses since it is a more casual and comfortable look. It is just a shame to see someone wear something that doesn’t flatter them. I think it’s as important as trying to be someone else rather than yourself–don’t do it!


One thought on “Summer Dresses

  1. If you are short or petite, do not select slim, straight dresses as you may get lost in them. If you like fitted dresses, choose a mermaid skirt which kicks out at the bottom.

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