Milan Fashion Week Favourite

I’m not even going to go through the other lines. I’ve made up my mind already after only watching two shows.


I began watching the video and was impatient. Why is there all this intro junk, get to the point, I want to see the clothes! Give me, give me, give me! The title screen showed an old fashioned, sketchy-looking curtain with the name to their new line: “La Nouvelle Noir”. Interesting, I thought to myself, there aren’t many shows with an intro and a name to their “film”. After about 10 seconds of horrid anticipation, a handsome, dark man appeared and the rest is history. It was love at first sight and I’m never looking back. Bon voyage!

Enjoy the intro (minus those brutal 0:10) of fun chocolate for an entire 1:30! With an exciting hat on each model, the outfits are a complete delight to the eyes. They are literally all the new black, of Dsquared2. Le sigh. A show to indulge yourself in, taking you back to the 1940’s in a jazz bar. Both impressive and relaxing to watch.

Doesn’t this one remind you of Charlie Chaplin?

Wire in the hem for a contour of your choice.

Now to the clothes. Ah, the details. With so much going on, it wasn’t as easy to notice a constant pattern (unlike Valentino’s block leather line across the menswear tops for their F/W 13-14). According to Jessica Michault of NOWFASHION, “The twins inserted a bendable wire into the hem of blazers so that they could be twisted and turned to create a sculptural edge to a staple menswear item.” That’s super cool, if you ask me, but really an aesthetic addition that creates more hassle in cleaning the damn thing. Although I have to admit, this smart & dressy style has been so overplayed in every hipster corner, the show itself is irresistible. Presentation is everything in this fashion world. Image is everything as well, so A++ to Dean and Dan.

Hey there, soldier 😉

Smart & attractive.


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