Kim Jong Il’s Grandson Interview About Seeking World Peace

I’m just going to go straight in, starting with my short comment from my Google+ post.

“What I took away from this [interview] is that the United World College school system is what Toronto’s District School Board lacks in terms of perspective on how they educate the future generation. I definitely experienced an immense amount of ignorance growing up in Israel and Canada. It was surprising to me to find so much ignorance in schools in Toronto, as the city is comprised of 49% “minorities”. That doesn’t seem like we are a minority anymore, does it? And that’s only the census number from 2008, I believe. It must be 50% now with the new boom in Japanese immigrants and constant flow of Chinese immigrants. Anyways, this video would make any parent proud of their child. A well-spoken, model teenager with the perspective of a diverse place.”

I personally never saw any clear difference in an education system until this video, which led me to learn about the United World College system of fostering a what seems like a very practical way of world peace. It now brings me to wonder about whether it has shown results, though it must have if it is still in existence. Or, which is unfortunately as equally important, it can also have outstanding sponsors aka. revenue. Given that the United World College is focused on nurturing children of war-affected countries, it is still a very valuable vision that cities like Toronto have to consider.

Regardless of this, an interview worth sharing for many different reasons.


Kim Han Sol is a soft-spoken, bespectacled 18-year-old student who has his ear pierced and hopes to one day work toward “world peace.” He’s also the grandson of Kim Jong Il, the late dictator of North Korea and one of the most reviled despots on the planet.

In a first-ever interview recently uploaded to YouTube, Kim Han Sol sat down with former Finnish member of parliament Elisabeth Rehn to discuss his life and his unusual family.

Han Sol’s father, Kim Jong Nam, had been widely tipped to succeed Kim Jong Il until he was arrested while entering Japan with a fake passport from the Dominican Republic in 2001, reportedly during an attempt to visit Tokyo Disneyland. Jong Nam and his second wife Lee Hye Kyong eventually moved to Macao, a picturesque former Portuguese colony on China’s southern coast, and home to a gambling industry larger than even Las Vegas. There…

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