School Girl

I’ve been a fan of this style for a v. long time now: ivy style. It’s that preppy yet smart college look that go oh-so-well with some “hipster frames”. However, it’s not often you see women go for the full look or even pull it off when they do. So of course going through my weekly news feed from and spotting one of Nancy Z.‘s looks really inspired me to write this post.

Nancy’s look is only one example of a palette of colours you can use.

Usually green and red would resemble too much of a christmas theme and you need to be careful with this, especially this spring/summer season since there are so many bright colours. Nancy’s look worked because of the simple toned down colours and a mellow yellow that wasn’t too bright and slightly standout since it was intertwined in a pattern (and not a solid bold colour on the fabrics). Army green and burgundy flow nicely to connect the outfit. Then, of course, ACCESSORIZE. ALWAYS. (if you’re going for a COMPLETE outfit and not just a weekend, laid-back look.)

Nancy’s Paul Smith scarf is indeed the cherry ontop to complete the look. It almost seems as if she started with the scarf and everything else was used to match the scarf… instead of adding the scarf in the end. Sometimes thinking backwards doesn’t hurt.

Above you can see a similar ivy look for women without the “COMPLETE look” aka. no body accessories. Perfect example how it’s not necessary to have a scarf or bracelet to have an outfit, especially if you just want what I call a laid-back look. But here, you see that she’s wearing “hipster frames” (as previously mentioned). The frames are a perfect addition to the outfit since for people who wear contacts on a daily basis, wearing frames is the perfect laid-back look. Even then, if you don’t normally wear contacts, frames finish off the outfit with an ivy league message–without the frames, the outfit just says smart but with, the outfit implies a more college look. (However, I wouldn’t recommend the frames for Nancy’s look since it already had such a chunky accessory piece that with frames, it would look like the outfit was engulfing the person, which I personally wouldn’t recommend for an everyday outfit.) Again, going back to a colour palette that works:

A key tip is that when working with a true black (or white), avoid too many colours–limit it to one accent colour and the rest to neutral. I’ve laid out some more guidelines in my previous post. Notice how Nancy’s palette does have a dark colour but it’s a dark WARM tone (dark brown) that doesn’t overpower like the true black (or a white) in Marie’s outfit. D’accord, je bessoin d’arret ici. Or I’ll just keep going and miss froyo with my friends.



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