My Prince Charming

Omg, I’m addicted to love songs. Not that I’ve ever really listened to anything else much.. but then again, I’m pretty sure 85% of music is about love. :O

“Only when can we appreciate what we have, can we have the ‘together forever’. The only reason why most relationships don’t last is because people cant appreciate what they have, when they finally get it. Once we start taking who we have for granted naturally we will have the urge to want something more, but sometimes that is all you are going to get.”

Someone wrote that as a reply to:

This video made me really re-think my own situation. Such a good video. And that reply is SO true.

I’m really just procrastinating from studying for my last exam in 8 hours. SIGH. omg, only 8 hours left… not even… like 6.5 since takes time to get there and all that. AHHHHHHHH….


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