It’s been a rough week. Not the worst I’ve had but that’s because I’ve learned from my past on how to deal with these situations and I promised myself to be strong and positive. My mind has been like a ping pong ball on making a decision, but I’ve finally made one and will stick with it. It’s weird how it’s only been about 8 months and I’m so sure–more sure than I’ve ever been. How unfortunate that I had to be put in this situation to be sure of myself but at least I am sure. Sure. Sure. Sure… but afraid. Afraid of rejection and afraid of only being met halfway for what I want. Why am I such an emotional person? My dad keeps telling me my EQ is very high… average IQ though. lol.

I had some really great stuff to post last night but then I suddenly lost it since it was so late and my mind was like a bee hive of ideas and thoughts. Hate it when that happens.


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