Ivy League Prediction Repeat

Ouuu, again & again, the Ivy League look is mentioned as a trend–then why is it so seldom worn? I really dislike that fact. I wish I could make my bf dress like it but I’m not his stylist and he doesn’t care about his everyday looks as much as he used to now that he’s got me. Ironically though, I find that women dress up just as much as they would if they were single. Maybe a day or two, out of the month, they’ll let it slip and not wear those skinny jeans, but they’re pretty persistent with dressing up. Though I’m not saying all of them dress nicely but at least they don’t depreciate. Men on the other hand get way too comfortable way too soon (sometimes). Yet we still love them. That is life šŸ˜‰

Now I want to shop online… but I must somehow get more energy and finish my assignment.


One thought on “Ivy League Prediction Repeat

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