Ivy League Prediction

Ever since I’ve discovered Ivy Style

Yes, fashion is shallow but it’s not in the sense that it masks the person’s personality. To me, fashion is when it speaks for you. Although, if I meet someone who dresses a certain way and poses to be something they’re not, well, then they’re just mocking fashion.

Anyhow, GQ has some wonderful pictures of

the blue-blooded style aces at the head of Princeton’s class“.

This is the style I wish to be surrounded by. But not overwhelmed by. That is, if 40% of students’ casual attire was this instead of sweats and those undeserving “stylish” uggs… ugh, just thinking about their kind makes me kringe. I’m ashamed to say that I have friends who consider them fashionable, but it’s their style and I respect that. ANYWAYS. so if only this were the causal style of all university students, the world would be a much better place. Ha.


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