No Place To Go-Wow…

I feel like… I’m too old-fashioned for this. I’m not good with games. I don’t like them ’cause they give me pain and I just can’t handle them. If this takes any longer, I’m going to have to block him out. Even though I might be reading everything wrong, I don’t care. No one’s worth suffering for unless they’re my best friends or family.

You are too beautiful for me
Pillow of hands that props my falling head
I confess the one and only truth
Only you and music exist in the blank of my mind
Sometimes they envy and ask for the impossible
So we use to loosen the dam of tears on people’s hands
But it’s sublime We’re significant
and we suggest love than any other words
Even though they say things change everyday
it’s always morning then night for you and me
and We go the same way the thornbush of ordeals
With my hands, i pray for that we will stick to each and be together like Saturn’s rings
The beautiful harmony
I draw it on a paper, get asleep and wake up then look at it again but the harmony doesn’t die
We melt down in forever like that

MYK (Chorus)
No place to go (No place to go) *3
We’ve got no place to go (No place to go)
No place to go (No place to go) *2

Sometimes being blinded by dreams of the many
they bet their lives on it and money make money
At the moment my soul let my hands
it gets rusty
But the power that raise fallen me up
It’s the music
the burden i’m carrying
And it’s you girl
You give my music meaning
Total peace
Time stands in a clock
and then gives every moment consolation
My heart beats in you the BPM
Cuz you’re my heaven
String of faith tied by the god
It’s sure that you are my only salvation/redemtion
You should not deny it
When i walk into the fog of evil
My shining lights and shield
It’s you
(The breathe i take is you)
Yes, you
(The dream i have is you)
It’s you that gives me waves as i want a drop of water
and gives me desert as i want a grain of sand

My Heaven *2
It’s you


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