So for a few weeks in April, my mom was asking me when I’ll be done summer school exactly. I was getting a bit annoyed since I had told her that I won’t know until the schedule comes out for my second semester courses which probably won’t happen ’till June or so. Then a week ago or so she asked me if I wanted to go anywhere since there are about 3 weeks between summer school and school in September. I said I don’t really care; don’t feel like travelling. Well, knowing my mom, I knew she probably already had somewhere in mind that she wanted to see. Apparently there are direct flights from Amsterdam to my hometown. I wonder why.. seriously… to me, that’s totally random that Amsterdam out of all the places would have a direct flight to the small city of Chengdu.

Although I had told her I don’t care, now that she wants to go to somewhere in Europe, I’m very reluctant. I love Europe, don’t get me wrong, it’s just I know I’ll have this displeased feeling towards everything there for a while and I don’t want that to ruin the trip. I’m trying to convince her to pick somewhere else outside of Europe but she seems pretty set on it already; my mom’s been staying up late searching for places to see in Amsterdam and whatnot. Blah.


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