Ping Pong

Heart and sole. Love is: School. Work. Girlfriends. Boyfriends. Friends. Cliques. Family. Bullies. Parties. Boredom. Passion. Hobbies. Gossip.             Pressure. Secrets. Loneliness. Arguments.
Journalist: Jessica Grosman

Again and again.

Back and forth like a ping pong ball.

Sometimes it feels like life hits us back and forth like a ping pong ball and we’re barely in control of any of it. Not being able to take control of our lives is a real source of stress. So how do we reduce stress and stop getting tossed around by everyone else’s interests?

There are two paths often tread: one path goes uphill while the other goes downhill. It might seem easier to take the path that goes downhill right now. When someone chooses to deal with stress or issues in their life with drinking, drugs, bullying, self-harm they are running down the hill. Often our problems and stress will push us down the hill even faster until trip and Bam! You’re at the bottom. Once you shake yourself off and realize you’re at the bottom of the hill you’ve now got two long hills to get back up.

The other choice is to decide to go uphill. Sure it is not as easy at first but eventually you’ll get to even ground and the most beautiful lookout. But enough with the metaphor what can you do to work through your stress and get control of your life?

Figure out what’s bugging you. Decide what you want. Talk to someone who will listen. Ask for help and advice. Take time to relax. Express your feelings through words, art, music or conversation. Write down your thoughts. Laugh. Keep trying.

-from Little Burgundy


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