China for a week or more clothes?

My parents told me that if I wanted to go to China during reading week (for my cousin’s wedding) that I’d have to save up my own ticket money (approx. $950), which means no new clothes ’till after reading week………….. That’s  illegal, right? I need a new coat, boots, CLOTHES. ugh. And it’s especially hard since FCUK is having this amazing sale right now!!! It’s SO good that I even want to get the same pair of jeans I have since they’re just that cheap right now!

And this beautiful coat.. omg, the coat. 😦

EDIT [Jan 9, 2010]: The jacket doesn’t look as great in person or on me… at least that saves me $150…

EDIT [April 9, 2010]: Okay, it does look good. haha I bought it! 2 months ago or more…


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