Aw, single?

This is what Rob said to Italian Vanity Fair:

I am single…almost everything that came out about my private life is false. I think it happens because, really, there is not much to say about what I’m doing. While I am filming, I live practically [like a] recluse in [a] hotel. I come out only to work, and sometimes to go out for dinner. But, if you read the magazines, it seems that I have a frantic high life.

I really wanted him to be with Kristen… 😦 haha. Oh well…

Also, I think this is the newEST interview where he actually comments on this topic:

It’s the November 2009 issue. So fairly new? In addition, if you can read Italian and/or you want to see some steamy pictures of Rob from this issue, you can go here 😉


2 thoughts on “Aw, single?

  1. OH! NOT AGAIN! THIS interview is supposedly an old interview..I love Robsten but the mystery n suspense is getting to my nerves..Why can’t they stop flirting with each other n send “WE ARE A COUPLE” kind of messages to us IF they are not dating? Like the European Promo Tour..To me That was a Couple Totally in Love..

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