Sheer Floral

3 big brands in Canada, same design.. who should be given the credit? Regardless, the Talula one is the best looking one. AA’s nice, too, but WAY too revealing for my taste. or maybe it’s just ’cause the model doesn’t wear anything underneath unlike the Talula girl… haha. AA unitard = reveal shoulders and arms, hide legs // Talula dress = reveal legs, hide arms & shoulders, same with FCUK. From my personal experience, FCUK’s floral pattern’s way less revealing and i’m sure you can even tell from these pictures. i like the effect of the more revealing ones, though, when you wear block colours underneath them.

Aritzia (probably talula) has floral lace leggings as well, with the same patter as their dress. LOVE THEM! I saw them today on a sales associate at Aritzia and I was staring at them and was going to ask her if they still have them but forgot…

As you can see, FCUK has also made their floral pattern into leggings. I have the tank, but I find it hard to layer without hiding the beautiful floral pattern. It would work better for layering if it were more revealing like the talula or AA one.

FCUK Flower Leggings

FCUK Night Orchid Tank

FCUK Flower Jersey Dress

American Apparel Floral Unitard

Talula Lace Dress

♥ Sheer Floral


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