Every Wednesday until Dec, I have class from 10 in the morning ’till 9 in the evening and it’s totally killing me! Although this means that all my other days are relaxing, it’s not the way I would’ve planned my schedule if I had the choice. I’d rather have my courses spread out through the week than all of them in one day! It’s especially bad for me since I procrastinate a lot and having most of my homework due in one day means I stay up late the night before. If I had them spread out, I wouldn’t be staying up EXTREMELY late. Instead, I’d be staying up a bit late each night, which is waaaay better.

Anyways, IN CONCLUSION, I LOATHE WEDNESDAYS. I barely get to fit in 2 meals…. ugh.

Thursdays are always the days I go through this street that ends directly facing The Body Shop on Bloor, get a nice cup of Starbucks and then maybe get a sandwich. I do this every Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesdays I do this ’cause I need to buy my lunch a day before since that’s how busy I am on Wednesdays. BOO.

Tomorrow’s gonna be a fun day though! Hopefully I’ll be going to Eatons and then photography club and then dinner and than taekwondo! 🙂


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