Back from Shanghai

So after 2 weeks in Shanghai, I’ve learned to like it so much more than last time I went there. It’s mainly because last time I was there during August, which is the hottest month EVER so my parents and I got the wrong impression and wanted to stay inside our hotel room, although we didn’t. This time, the weather was not too hot so it was much cooler than I had anticipated. My internship went well and they showed interest in hiring me but unfortunately I’m not graduated yet and who knows what wil happen in 3 years.

The company I worked for is called Asia Pacific Network Communications, APNC. It’s a public relations firm with numerous big clients and high-end brand names. Obviously, with all those brand names surrounding this company, I was attracted to it from the begining. I learned so much about the planning stages of events and much, much more about Shanghai Tang, since I had to write a draft proposal for their fashion show coming up. I’d like to see what happens with whatever I proposed and how much of it is changed. It was my first time ever writing a proposal and I felt completely lost writing it. So much was unfinished and there were many things I had no idea about causing me to leave sections blank or partially blank. However, once I put it all together, it didn’t look as bad so I was satisfied and handed it in. Not that proud of the amount of effort I put into it but it was the best I could do with the amount of knowledge I had about everything. Of course, there were details that I could not know about, such as event proposals and rundowns, so those were naturally left for others to fill out.

Another main thing I learned was that Microsoft Office SUCKS. The compatibility files are HUGE and useless for those who do not have a powerful and updated computer. It either freezes or cannot be opened at all. Took WAY too long to get that one file open! It was a disaster T_T

There was so much construction due to the preparations for EXPO 2010, which dominated the city everywhere. It was a hassle even for natives to get around the road constructions because the government do not care enough to put up signs for detour routes, thus you have to figure it out by yourself. This makes those who were already unsure of how to maneuvre around the city even more unsure and caused much frustration with drivers. However, they all had pride in their city and saw this as an inevitable thing to overcome. Because Shanghai is such a busy city, people learn to adapt quite quickly.

My mom is rushing me to eat lunch while I’m trying to finish this post so I will add a new one some other time with more comments on my trip.


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