Black Child

So, I had a dream. This is what I remember clearly:

I’m married to some guy and I have a kid. I look at my child with loving eyes. He is black but when I look at him I love him to death. Then my husband and I want a divorce, so we argue a lot and stuff.

We’re in a crowd of people in a classroom and a man speaks out about our divorce situation because he feels like it is the last thing that can be done to make something good happen. He takes my child and places him in front of everyone and asks my husband and I if we really want to divorce because it will ruin the child’s life. My husband and I are tearing.

The man becomes hostile and tries to force us to do something we don’t want to. I become crazy with anger and spill all of my anger onto him. I attack him by running full force toward him while jumping over tables and swinging on lamps until I reach the one above him. I pull down hard on it and it crashes down on him.

This somehow reunites me with my husband and child and we walk down the hallway, smiling and happy. Something else is just about to happen…

Then I woke up. 😦 I was so sad I woke up and I tried hard to fall back asleep so I could continue my adventure but couldn’t.

In conclusion, I’ve been polluted by Perez Hilton and Madona. 😀 lol


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