19th Birthday

So a week ago, I decided to celebrate my birthday on Friday because it was my 19th—aka. legal age—birthday! Up until that day, I wasn’t planning on having anything but I’m a spontaneous person so I chose to do it anyways. I wasn’t expecting a lot of people to have been able to show up since it was so last minute so any rejections or cancellations would’ve been fine.

However, in the end, 20 people managed to come! That’s a lot for a dinner party! Seriously, I was too busy smiling and soaking in the happiness that I forgot to take pictures (well, managed to get 5 shots in)! I can’t believe I didn’t take more pictures of all of my amazing friends! They made such an effort with everything! It really touched me 🙂

Although I missed those who couldn’t come, they sure made their presence! They all sent such amazing texts or msn messages 🙂 I think this has been one of the most amazing birthdays ever. I can honestly say this certainly has been one of those birthdays where true friends show how important they are in your life. They show so much love! I love them allll! Plus, two people sang for me 😉 hahaha



Also, of course, with every birthday there are presents! And omg, were there PRESENTS! Every single present was picked out with so much thought and care! I love them all and the chocolates are yummy =9 Ray Ban Wayfarers!! HOLY SHIT!! I LOVE THEM! and cool speakers! and Twilight Director’s notebook! And vampire books XD and Club Monaco! and ALCOHOL, of course. and who knows what Jess got me.. haha. Awwww I love my friends for being able to get me presents even with such a short notice! I wasn’t expecting any presents really!

IN CONCLUSION, my friends are amazing!


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