47 Seconds For An Entire School Year

So res applications for returning students were due at midnight (12am tuesday feb. 24) so stupid me decided to submit it RIGHT on the dot. WELL, my STUPID (okay, not stupid..) computer clock doesn’t have a SECOND indicator in the toolbar. My failure:

It is 12 and I have just finished saving the last part of my application. I click “menu” and then “GO” next to “submit application”. I arrive at the page and it is still 12AM. YAY! I’m going to submit it!

“Yes, I agree to this contract thing!”

*pop up: something about source being used???* Okay…..


*pop up*

*SUBMIT!!!… O_O*

*pop up*

I go back to the menu and look at the time my application was saved on: 12:00:47! Wtf, this thing is accurate to the very second!? Noooo :”( Just because of those 47 seconds, I will be homeless! (okay, not homeless but I’ll be missing this huge opportunity to live on res again!)

Yeah, so life hates me. I’ve called the asistant dean and left him a message of my pathetic plea for something to be done ’cause (and here’s the best reason I came up with; the truth) I was unaware that the system was so precise! Ahhhhh! What if he doesn’t undestand what I’m saying ’cause I was sort of half panicking?

And there goes a whole year of res life. 47 seconds for an entire school year.

UPDATE: Uhhhh, so everything’s okay now XD Phew…


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