Skins, Uncharted, Piglet & Tigger

I think everyone should watch the show “Skins“. The first two seasons include amazing actors like Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire! That’s actually how I found out about it. I watched an interview about Slumdog (’cause I loved that movie so much) and it talked about how the director chose Dav ’cause the director’s daughter was watching “Skins” and recommended Dav to be the lead in Slumdog. πŸ˜€

The plot is so interesting and just entertaining to all youngings. There’s drugs, sex, more drugs, weed, drugs, sex, and loads of British teen drama. I love British accents, don’t you? lol

I have this soft spot for British accents…. lmao. Well here’s a “diary” clip from the Skins YouTube channel with Dav Patel’s character Anwar:

OMG UNCHARTED IS SUCH A GREAT GAME! I LOVE IT! Except, I just found out yesterday that there are freaking jumping, scary monsters in it! I WAS NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT! I thought it was just little spooky things that would come out (the booby traps were scary enough) but NO, there was an army of zombies that crawl and jump on you and try to bite your head off! I almost peed in my pants. :”( I tried playing it by myself once my parents went to bed, but after 5 minutes, I got too scared and stopped.

It seemed a bit strange to me when the guy, who recommended me Uncharted, first recommended me some alien, crazy shit game and then this game. On the cover there weren’t any freaky monsters! Only jungle and lush greens! No cursed things running around trying to eat you and scratch you to death with death claws!

Omg, I just finished playing 40 minutes of level.. 15? I don’t even know what level I’m on ’cause I’m too scared to look away from the monsters in fear that they’ll come any closer. When I’m walking around (in the game, not at home) I have to always have my gun up, which is annoying ’cause I can’t walk fast so the suspense builds up even more but I feel safer at least (my dad recommended that I do this; it helps a lot–so I won’t get as scared). My mom was watching me play this for 5 minutes and wouldn’t stop screaming and making me jump all the time 😦 And while she was doing stuff around the kitchen, she kept on saying “OMG!” during random moments when I’m concentrated–scared the shit out of me every time! :”( BUT I WILL GET THROUGH IT! I have to or else I’ll never get rid of those mean monsters. 😦

Uncharted should be rated R for SCARY CRAZY TERRIFYING CRAWLING ZMOBIES!!!! :”(

Okay, on a happier note, I bought myself a cute, little Piglet from the Disney Store with L and I got him a bouncy, fat Tigger! XD They’re so soft! Since Jack is still MIA… 😦

I got new film and I’m ready to use my Oktomat!!! πŸ˜€

I want these candies! Omg! (Don’t roll your eyes at me! lol πŸ˜› Accept it–I’m obsessed!)


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