A sunset in the beautiful South America (more specifically, Brazil).

I’m starting to find my love for photography again, though I have a feeling once I get my lomo cam’s film developed, I’ll get stuck again. I wish my parents would let me use our D200 ’cause it’s not to be treated like a fragile specimen, where you don’t want to wear it out so it’ll be a better investment. A camera should be used to its fullest potential and everything should be seen through its eyes to find that perfect image, that inspiring image, that deep and vibrant image. After all, a picture is worth a million words, right? What good are those words if they’re not heard?

Anyway, that’s only a tiny bit of what I feel.

I wish M.I.A. would record more songs! Gotta love the lyrics in her songs, some of them are actually very thought-provoking even though they may sound like common sense.

I just finished my third roll of film (also my first roll of colour film). I took too many random pictures though. I wish I could get a black room. :/

I also just finished watching “Vicky Barcelona Christina” and I have to say it was even better than how good I thought it was before I saw it! Just hearing that it’s nominated for Oscars isn’t enough. People have to see it! Yeah, I’m like a movie reviewer, but I just had to mention it here ’cause it was damn good. It’s just the ending that wasn’t as good as the rest of the movie but that’s ’cause of my own preference in endings for stories.


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