Minesweeper’s my favourite computer game and I can’t seem to find one for my mac! 😦 I tried this “bombsquad” game but the “hard” level is barely the medium on the actual minesweeper! If you’re a true minesweeper fan, then you should uinderstand the pain I’m going through. Hahah.. I miss it so much 😦 That and Hearts. I wish MACs came with the same games as PCs! I think that’s the only thing that MACs lack–the gaming department.

I didn’t go to any of my classes today.. astronomy is understandable, but not math. Math is a class I HAVE to go to ’cause I’ve never learned integrals and that’s what they’re teaching now. I’m already a month or so behind in homework! And I can’t even think about econ.. D:

I am so going to develop my films on Thursday now that I found out there’s a closer place that develops film than the one on Yonge and Dundas! I’m so excited to see my pictures!

EDIT: If you’re a MAC user and need games, here’s the place to go: http://www.macgameshuffle.com/. (Thanks to Shirley for this awesome site!)


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