New Year’s Eve

dsc01428Today’s the Chinese New Year’s Eve and I’m doing math homework. -_- I can’t complain about it since I brough it upon myself by not doing any work ’till, well, now. Kind of sucks that I can’t even go out with my parents when I’m home already. =/ I suck at time management and it gets worse when I lose.

I watched two movies this weekend: Gran Torino and Seven Pounds. Both were extremely good but the plot missed some vital things that were noticeable. I don’t know what exactly but I just know it missed something. If they had those missing things, they would’ve received higher ratings and such.

Most likely during reading week, I’ll be getting those amazing Ray Ban Wayfarers I’ve been wanting. I just hope they have them in pmall. If not, I won’t be getting them at all ’cause I know my parents wouldn’t let me spend that much on a pair of sunglasses. Though, if I get a job, then they’ll be my first purchase with my paycheck. 🙂

Listening to: Half Alive by Secondhand Serenade
Reading: Wuthering Heights (but I’m really reading my math homework right now)


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