So, today, I almost had a .. breakdown? Not sure, but I was pretty freaked out about my chemistry test. I’ve never gotten this bad, never. But it was my fault since I didn’t even bother looking over my notes for some reason. So when I got back home after this “breakdown”, I just ate and watched TV, fell asleep on the couch and then woke up 3 hours later cold and depressed. Well at least I finally picked up my tenor to practice. I still suck at it and I’m so happy that I won’t be taking music anymore next year.

About exams.. I’m pretty scared, but also excited to finish them and go visit Jonathan!


  1. Monday: English @ 1:00
  2. Thursday: Math @ 8:45, Chemistry @ 1:45
  3. Friday: Accounting @ 1:45 (2 hours! >:[)
  4. Monday: Physics @ 8:45
  5. Tuesday: Music @ 1:15
  6. Wednesday: Psy/Soc/Ant @ 1:45

So, that’s my exam schedule. I get two days off, yet I still have to go to school those two days for about half a day. Pretty crappy compared to most people who get whole days off. Although, I really haven’t started studying yet.

So screwed!


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